“Life in Four Seasons” is a fascinating story in which the main character - a six year old boy - faces a series of obstacles to save the girl he loves.

To gather the strength he needs to face the challenges, he goes through imaginary adventures from his favorite books that take him through different times and places in his home country - Bulgaria. Along the way, he is guided by legendary role models that help him overcome the hurdles, build self-confidence and uncover the power of his inner courage! The story has lots of twists and turns - follow us on this journey to find out how it ends!

The film will be dubbed in 8 languages (Bulgarian, English, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, German and Korean) and we believe that we will reach hundreds of millions of people around the globe. Every child or grown up could relate to our main character and his adventures.

The short film is not for profit and aims to motivate people to rediscover their roots, build more authentic relationships and follow their dreams. Another important goal of the film is to showcase the home country of the director: Bulgaria - it’s nature, history and spirit.